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Published: 2020-04-25


ZHANG Yuan (张源)

PhD in Comparative Literature of Peking University (PKU), Professor in Comparative Literature of Beijing Normal University (BNU), Director of Humanities Center in SCLL in BNU, Executive Member of Overseas Committee of Humanities Institute of America, Copenhaver-Scholar-in-Residence (2017) of Roanoke College of America, specialized in Literature Theories and Western Intellectual History.


Academic Awards and Honors:

1. Top Young Talent of China in the year of 2013 by Central Organization Department of China.

2. Third Prize of the Award for University Academic Research in the year of 2013 by Educational Ministry of China.

3. First Prize for Top Talents in the year of 2013 by Beijing Normal University.

4. First Prize of the Award for Philosophical and Social Sciences Research in the year of 2010 by Beijing Municipal Government.


Academic Programs:

1. In charge of Translation and Research Program of Complete Works of Irving Babbitt (1865-1933), Key Project of the National Social Science Fund (2019~).

2. In charge of Research on Early British Version of Chinese History of Literature, Sub-project of National Social Science Fund (2014~).

3. In charge of Independent Research Project of Top Young Talent Support Program by Central Organization Department of China (2013~).

4. In Charge of Course Building Program (Trans-culture and Comparative Literature Approaches) of BNU in 2019.

5. Participate in Textbook Compilation Program (New Research Methods of Comparative Literature) of BNU in 2019.



A. Monograph

            From Humanism to Conservatism—Irving Babbitt in the Critical Review, Sanlian Press, 2009. 


B. Articles

            The Advent of the One and The Fate of the Empire——Plato’s Parmenides Revisited, in Cross-Cultural Dialogues, 2019.

            Time in The Dialogues of Plato, in Foreign Literature, 2019.

            Survey on 20th Century British Literature, in Thirty Years after Reform and Opneing-up (Volume I), Peking University Press, 2018.

            Deconstruct The Logos of The Empire of Liberty: The Peloponnesian War and Thucydides’ Anti-Narratives of Athenian Arche, in Fudan Political Science Review, 2018.

            Laugh and Death in Plato’s Phaedo, in Dushu, 2018.

            The Construction of the Logos of Empire——The Greco-Persian Wars and Herodotus’ Narratives, in History of Political Thought, 2018.

            American Humanism and China——History and Contemporary Development, in Cross-Cultural Dialogues, 2016.

            Irving Babbitt and the Critical Review Group: A Century’s Echo, in Shishuhua, 2016.

            Research on Euro-American and Latin-American Literary Schools in 20th century, in Sixty Years’ Foreign Literature Studies in New China (Volume II), Peking University Press, 2015.

            Eadem Mutata Resurgo: The Prophesy from Joseph De Maistre, in Dushu, 2015.

            Political Illusion and Literary Reality—Rethinking the French Revolution, in Journal of Nanjing University, 2015.

            Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar and Republicanism, in Journal of Beijing University, 2014.

            The Secret of John Locke, in Dushu, 2012.

            John Locke the Janus-faced Revolutionary, in Comparative Literature and World Literature, 2012.

            America the Virtuous: What is the End of Democracy? in Cross-Cultural Dialogues, 2009.

            Judicial Spirit and Aristocratic Democracy, in Dushu, 2009.

            The Critical Review Translation and the Confucian Image of Irving Babbbitt, in Dongfang Journal, 2009.

            Culture and Politics: Two Keynotes of Irving Babbitt’s View of Humanistic Education, in Chinese Comparative Literature, 2008.

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            George Santayana: Between Ideal and Reality, in Reason in Society by George Santayana, Peking University Press, 2008. 

            On the Three Kernel Ideas of Irving Babbitt’s Humanism, in Foreign Literature, 2007.

            Irving Babbitt’s Humanism in China, in Modern China, 2007.

            Humanism and Religion: “Dependent upon” or “Alternative to”? in Foreign Literature, 2006.

            On A Common Human Ground, in Cross-Cultural Dialogues, 2006.

            From “the opposition between a lower and a higher will” to “control of Yu over Li”, in Journal of Wenzhou Normal University, 2004.

            Filial Piety: Antigone’s Hamartia, in Journal of Sichuan Foreign Languages College, 2004.

            New Humanism: Retrospect and Prospect—On Humanitas: Rethinking It All, in Journal of Graduate Studies of Beijing University, 2003.


C. Translations:

            Common Sense by Thomas Paine, Yilin Press, 2012.

            Democracy and Leadership by Irving Babbitt, Peking University Press, 2011.

            Minghe Garen by Vera Schwarcz, Peking University Press, 2009.  

            Reason in Society by George Santayana, Peking University Press, 2008.

            Literature and American College by Irving Babbitt, Peking University Press, 2004.

            China: Tradition and Transformation by John King Fairbank, World Knowledge Press, 2002.

            Fundamentals of A New Life Philosophy by Rudolf Eucken, China City Press, 2002.

            Unity Through Diversity by Claes G. Ryn, Peking University Press, 2001.


D. Edited Works:

            American Humanism: Tradition and Renewal, Beijing Normal University Press, 2017.



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