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Published: 2020-06-09


Zhang Guolong, Ph.D. of Literature, a member of China Writers Association. He is now a professor and doctoral supervisor at School of China Language and Literature of Beijing Normal University, and mainly engaged in research on Children's Literature and Contemporary Chinese Prose. He has published more than 20 works, including some monographs (such as An Introduction to bildungsroman), some collections of essays (such as Being A Neighbor with Sparrows), and some novels(such as Mei Zi, a Girl Lived in Wutong Street). He has presided over some National Social Science Foundation Projects, such as A Research on "Youth Literature" and Youth Subculture. He also has published more than 100 papers. There are dozens of collections of essays, such as The Ture emotions, are edited by him. Some of his works have won the China Book Award, Bing Xin Book Award, 100 Kinds of Excellent Books Recommended by National Press and Publication Administration Award, Chongqing Five "One" Project Award, National City Press Excellent Book Award, and so on.










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